Address book cluttered?

Now there’s a simple, useful and really entertaining way to remove unwanted contacts from your address book, permanently—and share the experience with them. The contacts, or “flushees,” receive a toilet flushing animation announcing their new status that is both visually stimulating and effective, as well as satisfying for the flusher & can easily be posted on Facebook and Twitter.



Your iPhone address book is quickly imported into the app. Navigation of the YBF address book is simple. Searching for contacts to flush is a snap!

Preview the animation the recipient will see before you actually flush ‘em!

Eliminate one or more unwanted contacts via text message and/or email: Your soon to be former contact sees his / her name / thumbnail picture swirling in the water down the toilet bowl, complete with the sound of the animated flush!

User has the option to notify the recipient from whom the message is coming or can send anonymously.

Option to “not remove” the contact from your address book if, for example, one wants to flush friends as a joke.

Ability to share a flush with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Ability to share a flush with any recipient via email. Flusher can change the email subject so it’s tailored for the recipient.

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Everything that is including in the FREE version and:

Uninterrupted, ad-free, full-featured version

Option to customize the flush, adding a “personal touch”: Customizability comes as two choices – typed text that appears during the flushing animation AND custom recordable audio, which plays as the flush commences, so… turn up the volume!

History tab allows the flusher to track when the flush was sent and when the victim viewed the flush, thereby inscribing it into history!

Ability to “purge”; that is, to eliminate or clean out your contacts quickly and easily, without sending toilet flush animations to the recipients. This is a really convenient feature that cannot be done from the iPhone address book alone.

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